2019 Douro River Wine Cruise

May 12-19, 2019

Join Randle Johnson, Artezin Winemaker, on a spectacular seven-night cruise roundtrip from Oporto, Portugal aboard Uniworld’s Queen Isabel.

With Randle and Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) in the epicenter of the Port wine industry you’ll wind your way though dramatic landscapes of the UNESCO designated Douro Valley.  Uniworld’s Queen Isabel is your contemporary-chic floating hotel for 7 nights along the “river of gold” – Douro River Valley –  snaking through 200 miles of rugged wilderness, steeply terraced hillside, quaint villages and acres of ripe vineyards.

The round-trip Oporto cruise takes you on a journey through Portugal’s pristine landscapes and Spain’s historic neighborhoods, exploring everything from traditional cuisine to the local Port wine.  The Douro Valley is a jewel and there really is no better way to discover Europe’s best-kept secret than this scenic and all-inclusive river cruise with ZAP!

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