Meet the farmers of Mendocino County, where we source grapes for Artezin Wine…

Paul Dolan began his career in the industry as the first winemaker for the Fetzer family. His desire to grow the best fruit possible led him to institute organic farming practices and ultimately create the first biodynamic vineyard in Mendocino County. Paul eventually wanted to manage vineyards of his own, and so he purchased a ranch on the east side of Ukiah among the rolling foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. Here, Paul established a beautiful biodynamic farm called Dark Horse, which stretches 160 acres and reaches elevations of up to 1,300 ft.

The Dark Horse farm not only includes grapes, but also olives, bees, pigs, sheep, horses and a few chickens. Paul wants to create as much diversity in flora and fauna as possible to support his biodynamic farming practices, and he strives to be a strong steward of the ecosystem in the valley. The focus on his farms is not solely on the vines, but also on the space in which the vines grow so that they can achieve their full expression.

Randle has been working with Paul over the past 10 years, and he appreciates the quality fruit that Paul delivers each harvest. Paul recognizes that we live within the natural cycles and rhythm of the earth, and he implements practices on his land that adhere to this natural rhythm. When farming organically and biodynamically, Paul’s goal is to support the fruit and the essence of the grape itself, which ultimately heightens the expression of the terroir. This means Randle receives grapes that offer a true expression of Mendocino county and ultimately result in beautiful Artezin wines.

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