Meet the farmers of Mendocino County, where we source grapes for Artezin Wine…

Third-generation grapegrower, Larry Venturi manages the family vineyard alongside his wife Doreen in Mendocino county. The couple’s vineyard was planted generations ago in 1912 by Larry’s grandparents. Both of Larry’s grandfathers emigrated to California from Italy—one from Tuscany and one from the Piedmont region—and they planted their vineyards side-by-side. Larry’s mother and father lived next door to each other, fell in love and the rest is history.

Today, Larry continues to maintain the century-old rootstock his grandfathers brought from Italy. Both Larry and Doreen take pride in the fact that their vineyard is certified organic, and the couple grows eight different grape varietals. The Venturis provide both Charbono and Zinfandel grapes to Randle for his Artezin Wines.

Not only do Larry and Doreen grow grapes, but they also source fresh fruit from various fruit trees planted throughout the vineyard, along with produce grown in their family garden. Doreen loves to make delicious jams and applesauce from the fruit trees. And from the garden, she uses the fresh, vine ripe tomatoes to cook delicious, traditional Italian dishes.

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